A Safe Stay in Sorrento

The Grand Hotel Capodimonte welcomes you with the usual sense of hospitality that distinguishes it now since several decades. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic period in force, we have our safety protocols still in place and now even implemented in order to make your vacation even safer and carefree. All members of our staff are vaccinated.

For a greater safety towards our Guests, we will ask for the Green Pass or vaccination certificate upon arrival and, if they wish, they will have the opportunity to carry out in the hotel from 05:00pm to 08:00pm on the day of arrival the Covid-19 swab in order to certify the negativity to the virus.

Additional swabs will be on request and we invite our guests to request them, if interested in carrying out the Covid-19 negativity test, at least one or two days before departure depending on the type of swab. The time frame to obtain the medical outcome of the swabs carried out are about 15 minutes for the antigenic swab and about 48 hours for the molecular swab.

For our Guests who already have the Green Pass, or already vaccinated with 2 doses or a medical certificate of recovery from Covid-19 in the last six months, the request for the negativity test at Covid-19 is useless.
For more information, please contact our Reception Office at

We thank you for your preference and wish all our guests a pleasant stay at the Grand Hotel Capodimonte.

The Management

Below you will find some basic information for your safe-holiday with us:


With the exception of those sharing the room with you, We ask you to respect the social distance required of at least one meter. You can request additional information at any time to the Staff on duty while maintaining the necessary social distance.


Information signs regarding norms of behavior are displayed in all common areas of the hotel.


It can only be used by one person at a time. Only in the case of families or people sharing the same room, this rule can be waived. The use of the mask is however still mandatory.


Perfect hand hygiene is essential. It is necessary to wash your hands often and for a long time with soap and water as well as avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth with your hands. Sanitizing gel dispensers are available in all common areas


The use of a mask is mandatory in all common areas. If you do not have Covid Security Devices, on arrival we can provide you with a kit containing mask, sanitizing gel pack and gloves. The use of mask is not required at the Bar and Restaurant ONLY during the consumption of a meal or drinks. it is necessary to maintain a minimum of social distance of 1 meter from other Guests and Staff. When removing the mask to enjoy your meal or drink, please do not leave it on the table, chair or sofa but rather put it in your bag or pocket. For the disposal of used masks, gloves and tissues, special containers are available near the sanitizing gel dispensers in the common areas of the hotel. This will enable us to dispose of this waste in an even more careful, safe and environmentally friendly way.

Some behavior rules and guidelines


• Limited gatherings are now only allowed with the obligation to maintain a social distance of at least 1 meter between each other persons.
• In view of this, we invite you to reduce to the minimum the time you will be spending in the reception area. It is needless to say our guests have access to Front Office at any time during day and night
• The following It may be requested to our future guests:

  • To send to the hotel or fill in all the information necessary for registration before the arrival,
  • A copy of the ID Card or Passport which shall be produced on arrival;
  • It is recommended our Guests to keep the room’s electronic key during the entire duration of their stay;
  • We encourage payments with contactless systems. Disposable gloves are made available for payments with credit cards. Our payment devices are sanitized regularly after being used.
  • The evening before departure day is possible to ask for a pro-forma folio and have opportunity to verify its accuracy. It will also be possible to proceed with payment of outstanding balance of your stay. This will avoid delays and/or gatherings at the time of departure.
  • Rooms’ electronic keys can be stored in the special container displayed at the Reception and they will be sanitized at each change of the Guest.
  • The hotel staff will use disposable gloves for handling your luggage.
  • In case of a multiple booking (family members or groups of friends, etc.), the contact person or head of the family may be asked to be the only reference/contact for checking-in procedure.

• A private transfer is subject to the maintaining a social distance of one meter as well as the mandatory use of the mask and disinfection of the hands before entering the private car or minivan or use of gloves. The driver will wear a mask and will provide sanitizing gel. Attention will be paid to an adequate fresh air recycling.  will be kept


• For better protection of your safety, cleaning and disinfection of the rooms will normally be carried out by only one person. Two persons may operate if necessary, in the case of and not as a way of imitation, moving furniture or other heavy objects.
• Staff responsible for the cleaning of rooms and common areas is provided with personal protective equipment for the performance of the work entrusted to them.
• The protocol provides for the use of specific detergents and sanitizers. The rooms and any other indoor common area will always be ventilated during cleaning.
• The MINIBAR in the rooms is available and can be used. Items not used are sanitized together with the refrigerator before the arrival of a new Guest. Coffee/tea tray, where available, is checked, sanitized and restocked if necessary. Glasses and cups are regularly replaced at the change of the Guest even if not used. The TV REMOTE CONTROL is regularly disinfected/sanitized and stored in a sealed transparent envelope. In all common areas where elements and surfaces may be constantly of contact with the Guest, for additional security they are cleaned at regular intervals with a special detergent/ sanitizer
• Knick-knacks, carpets, decorative cushions, runners and furniture elements that are not able to withstand a daily cleaning/ disinfection cycle have been removed.

CATERING, Bars and Restaurants

• Informations on hygienic practice and rules are displayed at the entrance of areas designated for consumption of food and drinks.
• Wait to be seated; our Staff will take Guests to their tables. Tables are placed at a distance such as to guarantee the minimum distance of 1 meter between the Guests. Restaurant service is carried out at the table by our Staff equipped with adequate personal protective equipment.
• All objects such as cutlery, salt and pepper, sugar bowl, menu, linen, are cleaned, disinfected or replaced at every service including floor’s cleanings and other surfaces of possible contact with the Guest.


• Room Service is available for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as well as for any other request you may have.
• The food ordered through room service will be transferred to the floor on trolleys or service trays and as far as possible the staff will avoid access to the room or in any case must minimize the time of stay as well contact within the Guest’s room while maintaining a social distance towards the Guest

GYM AND WELLNESS TREATMENTS (Massages, Manicure & Pedicure)

• Access to the gym and the massage center is guaranteed individually or for families of up to two people. Reservation is required for the desired time and/or treatment.
• Social distance is required also at the Gym and Spa.
• After the use of the gym or at the end of treatment, the rooms are ventilated; used objects and contact surfaces are cleaned and sanitized.

It is our priority to protect our Guests, ourselves and those close to us from any infection by continuing to monitor the evolution of the situation and to implement our precautionary procedures to protect and safeguard the health and safety of all of us according the guidelines of the Government and National Health Service.

We are sure that you will appreciate above informations and while looking forward to welcoming you in person for your next stay, we stay at your disposal for further information you may desire.

The Management and Staff



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Last updates 07/07/2021